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Vomiting: If you are vomiting a lot, what you want to do is to try to keep hydrated, and not lose weight. If your urine is deep yellow, you aren't getting enough fluids. You should drink a lot of clear fluids to replace all the fluid you lost in vomiting. The liquids you should drink (sip, not gulp) include: water, weak tea, and juices. If your urine gets paler, then you are doing a better job in preventing dehydration. You may also want to drink something like Gatorade, to help replace nutrients. Also, you don't want to drink really cold drinks, because it could shock sensitive stomachs. You are better off drinking drinks around room temperature to warm. After vomiting stops and you are feeling a little but better, you can start adding a bit of protein and carbohydrates, such as Jell-O, chicken noodle soup, or chicken and rice soup. Be sure, however, to avoid fatty meats and cream soups, because fats in the stomach can add to the bloating feeling, and its hard to digest. Vomiting could be potentially serious, so if you are in doubt, seek medical attention. For more information on vomiting, you can contact one of our nurses on our Ask The Nurse page.

Redness: Yes, I know it's obvious, but if you have red eyes, you probably aren't getting enough sleep. Your eyes are dry from not enough sleep. To rehydrate them, you should sleep for 7 to 8 hours.
However, the problem may not be in your eyes, but in you eyelids. This low-grade infection is called blepharitis. To treat this, wash your eyelids with warm water every night before you go to bed. Be sure to cleanse the lids so that no debris, oils, bacteria, makeup, etc., on the lashes are all removed.
To get rid of your red, dry eyes, you should try over-the-counter artificial tears. These can moisten the eyes, and unlike eye drops, they don't shrink blood vessels.
Something that can cool and constrict the blood vessels in your eyes is a cool, wet washcloth. Just lay it over your eyes, and the water will add moister to your eyes.

Bronchitis: When you have bronchitis, you should keep drinking fluids, because it helps the mucus become more watery and makes it easier to cough up. 4 to 6 glasses of fluid a day should be good. You should avoid caffeine or alcoholic beverages. You could also use a vaporizer if you have thick mucus that is difficult to cough up. Draping a towel over a sink filled with hot water, and sticking your head under the towel and breathing in the warm mist may help also. Bronchitis requires a doctors attention if you have one or more of these symptoms : when your cough keeps getting worse, not better, after a week, you have a fever or are coughing up blood, you are older and getting a hacking cough on top of an illness, you are short of breath and have a very profuse cough.

Acne: To prevent acne, you should wash your makeup off thoroughly every night. Use a mild soap about twice a day. Be sure that you rinse the soap completely off. Also, use a non - oil - based makeup if you are prone to acne. Another thing is to beware of some acne medications, because of photo - sensitivity. You should also know when to squeeze and when not to squeeze. You shouldn't squeeze pimples, because it may cause an infection. You can, however, squeeze pimples when there is a little central yellow pus in it. You also shouldn't squeeze a whitehead. The core of whiteheads are much smaller than those of blackheads. If you squeeze whiteheads, the wall of the pore could break, and the contents could leak onto your skin and cause a pimple. You should pop blackheads, though. A blackhead is a very blocked pore. The black part of the blackhead is not dirt, but dermatologists aren't sure what it is, but it will not lead to a pimple. Most over the counter medications work good when they contain benzoyl peroxide in them. Be sure that you don't apply benzoyl peroxide to dry skin, because you may get a reddening of the skin, but it is a normal reaction.

Sunburn: Compressing something soothing to a sunburn can really help. Dip a towel into plain, cold water and place it over the burn. Repeat this every 15 minutes, or until the towel gets warm. Or you can mix 1 cup of skim milk with 4 cups water, then add a few ice cubes. Dip a towel into this mixture . Apply compresses for 15 to 20 minutes, then repeat every 2 to 4 hours. Also, cool baths for larger areas will work well, but don't rub your skin or it will irritate it further. You can make a cool bath with with 1 cup of white vinegar, or sprinkle baking soda into tepid bathwater; but instead of drying off with a towel, let the solution dry on your skin. Another thing you can do is put your moisturizer in the freezer for about 10 to 15 minutes before applying. This lotion could be Eucerin, Wibi, or aloe vera. Also, pain relievers, such as Tylenol, aspirin, or codeine, but as always, check with your doctor first.

Bad Breath: Rinse your mouth out. When you can't brush, you can rinse. Go to a restroom after meals and get a mouth fool of water. Swish it around, and wash the smell of food out of your mouth. Spit the water out, of course. Also, eat three meals a day. Bad breath can be caused by not eating too. One of the side effects of fasting or a poor diet is bad breath. You also should brush your tong. Your tong is covered with little hair-like projections, which, under a microscope, looks like a little forest of mushrooms. Under the caps of the mushrooms, there is room to harbor plaque and some of the things we eat. That causes bad breath. While brushing, gently sweep the top of your tongue, too. Don't leave food and bacteria behind to breed bad breath. Spice is also nice. Certain herbs and spices you keep in your kitchen are natural breath enhances. Carry a tiny plastic bag of cloves, fennel, or anise seeds and chew it thoroughly. Don't forget, watch what you eat and drink, for the contents of your stomach can cause bad breath too.

Bug Bites and Stings: After removing the stinger by scraping it off and not pulling it off, (Because of squeezing the stinger will pump more venom into the site) Apply a cut open Onion to the site. Onions contain a enzyme that breaks down the Prostaglandin's that are produced in response to the sting.

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